Top Ten Thursday!

Things I love about missionaries:

1. They are devoting 24/7 of their lives for 24 months to the Lord.

2.  Their hilarious stories they get to tell you!

3. Their suits, ties, cute little haircuts... the whole shebang!

4.  Going to the mailbox and seeing their name on the envelope!

5. Sharing testimonies through letters.

6. Suddenly becoming obsessed with the city they're serving in.

7. Their name tags. It made sound weird, but they're wearing the Lord's name at all times and representing him wherever they go. Shouldn't we all be that way anyways?

8. The countdowns. Countdowns are fun for any holiday or occasion but what's better than waiting for one to come home?

9. The awkwardness they have when they begin socializing with "normal" people again.

10. Seeing them come down the escalators at the airport and the tears shed at that moment. Best moment ever.

Side note:  27 days!!! I cannot wait! December 7. 4 pm. Please come faster!!!!


  1. I can't believe he is almost home! I am so excited for you, Ash! You don't know this, but you really have boosted me up with your posts recently. Thanks for always being so positive! I love you!

  2. Love this! Missionaries are the best (: Crazy to think how fast time has gone since he left! I'll always remember Seattle, haha. It will be good to have him back (:

  3. Ashlee, I love you. You are the cutest and I agree with your top 10 missionary post. Those video's you showed me about the missionaries coming home were so cute and I was about to cry. Love Ya!


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