looking forward.

tonight, for fhe, we watched the best two years. i seriously cannot wait to go on a mission. devoting 18 months to the lord sounds like the best thing in the world. i feel like i can never repay him enough for what he's given and done for me, and i feel like sharing his gospel with the world would be repaying him in a very, very small form. i love this gospel with all my heart and i wish everyone was blessed with the knowledge that i have (not that i know everything, but you get what i mean.) to share a part of my knowledge with those around me would be incredible. yes, i know that missions are not all hunky-dory 24/7, but how can you not be happy being knee deep in the lord's work? a very difficult question to answer, if you ask me. i have really been working lately to become closer to my savior and learn of him. i have also really been working to prepare for a mission. it's something i really want to do and i am doing all in my power to prepare today. (i am even considering taking off school to work to earn money for it). i know i still have so much to learn and to prepare for but i am taking one step at a time. sometimes, i feel like two years will not come soon enough. other times, it scares me to death because i feel like i'm not prepared what-so-ever. can you ever be prepared? however, i know that if i put my heart and soul into my preparation and into my mission; he will make up the difference.

 i know this church is true without a doubt in my heart. i strive each and every day to be better. to become a better person, so i can one day enter into the house of the lord. to make and keep those sacred covenants. to be able to serve a mission. to be able to return to his presence one day.


  1. Ashlee, I want to serve a mission, too! That's so cool! You go, girl!

  2. Ash! That is so incredible! I had no idea you had such a strong desire to serve. I am so excited for you!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Woohoo! You would/will be an amazing missionary (: I'll have to send you blue ties... er... vienna sausages and cute stuff (: haha. I'm excited for you! If you don't get married first! (:

  5. and that comment deleted was me... sorry.. I previously said food and cute stuff, but decided that vienna sausages would be more appropriate!


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