(Not) Fairytale.

Once upon a time,
a naive girl gave her whole heart to a boy.
Boy was her dream.
Girl thought the world of boy and
could see herself with boy forever.
(like I said, girl is naive)
Girl thought fairytale was going just peachy.
Girl thought wrong.
Boy began going behind girls back.
Girl found out.
Hearts were broken.
One shattered, one cracked.
Girl was devastated.
Girl thought nothing better would come along.
That she didn't deserve better.
Girl was wrong.
Girl began to open herself up.
Open to up to new adventures, people
and boys.
Girl realized there is something better for her.
Girl doesn't see boy for a month.
Girl goes home and sees boy.
Boy is different.
Boy's weird.
Girl realizes she no longer has feeling for boy.
Girl rejoices!
Girl realizes she and boy have grown apart.
It doesn't hurt girl anymore.
Girl feels free and at ease.
Girl can still write her fairytale.
With a Man.


  1. Different girl is glad that girl has started a new fairytale! :)

  2. this makes me so happy :) way to go ash. There is something (by something I mean someone) way better out there for you :) let the hunt begin :)

  3. I love this!!! I totally found out the boy who broke my heart is gay. Best day of my life!!

  4. i seriously looooovee this ! best post ever . so relatable . glad things are looking brighter for you ! your such a beautiful girl , you'll find a killer man (:


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