i feel as though i've abandoned my blog for too long. i just couldn't think of what to say. trust me, i have a lot to say but i didn't know how to say it. i wanted to fill you in on why i was MIA, but didn't know how.there were things i wanted to write about and would start a blank canvas and then think to myself, "is this too much?" "will i regret this?" "what will my readers think?" one day, i'm sure it'll be shared. but for now, i will just say "i'm here." instead of doing a million posts trying to catch up on my life in the last month, i will keep it short and continue on from there. in the past month i: -moved to south jordan. -started a full-time 'big girl job' -reunited with my high school best girls. -threw our first bachelorette party. -married my best friend off. (obviously, i didn't do the marrying... you know what i meant) -was honored to be the maid of honor. -sent my other best friend off to serve for 18 months in louisiana. -have been on the continuous quest to find out who i really am. life definitely has its ups and downs, but all in all, life is good and i'm here to stay.

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