guest post: becca!

Hello readers of words, ramblings, and the random! My name is Becca and I blog over at Laughing Through the Silences. I feel soooo honored to write a guest post on THE lovely Ashlee's blog! This is actually my first guest post. Ever! Don't believe me? Well...fine! (I don't have a good comeback to that.) Basically, I'm just going to tell you a little bit about myself by whispering sweet nothings into your ears. Creepy? Sorry. You're right. That was totally uncalled for! Anyways, I'm a senior in high school! I should be graduating in approximately 42 days..but, who's counting, right? When I'm done with the beautiful world of high school...yeah, beautiful...I will be attending ISU. Idaho State University, baby! Enough of the boring stuff! Let's get down to the nitty gritty. 11 of my deepest darkest secrets (actually, these are just some fun facts about me.) I'm deathly afraid of portable/outdoor bathrooms. Like..deathly afraid. I'm also not a big fan of automatic flushing toilets. I mean, beggars can't be choosers..but, those are things that I will not stand for. I do NOT like soda. I can't take the carbonation. My least favorite word in the world is FLESH. Ew. Nothing sounds more disgusting. I love to drink milk while I eat ice cream. I don't remember ever having a microwave in my house while growing up. I've never had a shot in my entire life. I LOVE OneRepublic with a burning passion. Read about that here. I have a strange addiction to beauty vlogs and other things of the like. (I want to be a cosmetologist which kinda explains why I might like that type of stuff.) My very biggest pet peeve is being shushed. I don't mind when people use words to tell me to be quiet...even if they're rude words. But, if somebody does the whole, "SHHHHHHHHHH!!!" thing, things get a little crazy. I can honestly be in the best mood ever, but once I'm shushed, I will not be a happy camper. I usually automatically become extremely grumpy right at that moment. (That's something that I should work on..) I'm currently listening to the incredible vocal chords of Ben Howard. I truly madly deeply love Gene Kelly. Read about that here. If you're still reading, you deserve a gold medal. Maybe silver..but probably gold. I hope that you enjoyed my "sweet nothings." Feel free to stop by my blog ANYTIME. Follow! Stay awhile! Whisper sweet nothings into MY ear! I would absolutely love to hear from you guys! Peace && Blessings

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