you are beautiful.

the other day i was stalking myself. yep, not only do i probably stalk you, but i stalk myself also. i'm cool. as i  was doing so, i came across this post. it got me thinking about the world we live in today... society has beauty so twisted and puts these images in to girls minds that are pretty unrealistic expectations.

the average model we see is:
-a height of at least 5'10
-a waist of 22''
-bust size of 32
-hip size of 24''
-a weight around 110 lbs
- and a BMI ranging between 15-16.5 
(that is very unhealthy)

working in retail can sometimes be a shot to your self-esteem. i see how cute the clothes i dress on the mannequins are, and then i go try on the same exact outfit and i immediately want to rip it off. then, the awful, pestering ashlee walks in and points out all my "flaws". i start beating myself up and think, 'if this, and this, and this was different then this outfit would look good on you.'
let's be honest:
- i will never be a size 0, nor even close.
-the last time i wore a size xs or even s was probably when i was 12.
-my butt is big enough to feed a whole family if we resorted to cannibalism.
-by boobs are a whopping D-cup and my buttons pop off when i button up my shirts.
-i still have 'soccer thighs' and have to buy pants a size bigger to cover those bad boys. 
-i have a very long torso and most shirts turn to be belly shirts on me.
-i have some pretty curvy hips that look awful in a swimming suit.
-my stomach is already prepared for babies and will probably never have washboard abs. 
-i will probably always have a chubby cheeks. i still haven't grown out of them.
the list could go on and on but i think my point is proven. i'm no where near what society deems as 'beautiful'. and honestly, if i were that size, i would just find other things to pick out as my imperfections. this lovely, bodacious body that i have been blessed with, is what makes me, me. there will always be things that we will want to change about ourselves, but would changing all those 'imperfections' really make us happy? my opinion: NO. 
so instead, i've really been trying to work on the positives on this body i have:
-i love eating, and eating, and eating. food is more important to me than a small size of pants. 
-people get implants to get that 'ghetto booty' and i didn't have to do anything. also, the latinos and black boys love it. 
-i'm pretty sure my husband will be grateful for my boobs. 
-i want lots of babies and these childbearing hips will come in handy.
-my thighs are probably the strongest muscle on my body. i can hold my own in leg wrestling without even working out. 
-my husband will have some cute love handles to grab on to while smoochin'.

i know that it's sometimes difficult to embrace our 'flaws' and to love the skin we are in. but remember, you are you for a reason. you were built and structured the way heavenly father wanted you to be. he loves everything about you. (including that little belly fat you want to desperately go away). to help me remember these things, i've written some cheesy, but uplifting things on my mirror that i see every morning while i get ready. the first being: you are beautiful. i don't think it's vain to tell yourself and truly believe you are beautiful. i have to remind myself of this everyday even the days i feel like a beached whale. i am beautiful and i love who i am. how do we expect someone else to love us when we don't even love ourselves? we will live in a miserable rut the rest of our lives and never feel we deserve the best. so i challenge each of you to work on loving yourself, if you don't already. to see the positives in yourself and love the body you live in. 

what do you do to make yourself feel beautiful?


  1. I always paint my nails for a little pick me up. Nothing makes me feel pretty and put together like freshly painted nails.

    And I love your post. Trying to focus on the positives my has is something I have been trying to work on. I truly am my worst critic.

  2. ashlee, every time i read your blog it always makes me feel so much better about myself. you are so freaking pretty its ridiculous! and i wish i had your wardrobe:) thanks for making me feel better today

  3. stachelee i love this post! "pretty sure my husband will be grateful for my boobs" hahahah you crack me up. miss ya! -boots

  4. Um... maybe you don't realize that boys read your blog or that it's actually open for the whole world to see, but while the entire idea of girls feeling worthless next to actresses and models (most if not all of which are not only fake but terrible people) is a sad reflection on our society and you're spot-on in your idea that you are beautiful the way you are, this post made me very uncomfortable: from the crude way you talked about your body to the pornographic pictures you displayed. I'm just giving you a hint that if you really have to say things so crudely and share pictures that are so ugly, perhaps it shouldn't be so public so that it doesn't wound the minds of the few men in this world who respect women. And you may be thinking, "well, you don't have to read my blog!" You're right. I don't think I will again. Not that I think you're a terrible person. I just have no interest in my mind being invaded by this type of imagery and crudeness.

  5. All I have to say about this anonymous business^^ is that if you ignore a problem, then that doesn't make the problem go away. You are just allowing it to get worse. The point of Ashlee showing these pictures was to prove how ugly it is the way our society portrays women.

    So Ashlee, awesome post. Way to be brave and face one of the biggest problems in our society. The only way to solve this problem is by having women stick up for themselves, speak out on the issue, and write about the issue. So kudos. Thanks for doing something to solve the problem instead of just ignoring it.

    Last thing, have you ever seen the documentary Miss Representation? It's exactly about this type of stuff. So moving and so interesting. You should watch it. But I will warn that it's a little graphic. Anonymous wouldn't like it.

  6. Ashlee, I only talked to you 1-2 times in school and that has just become a very big regret. I found this post today and it really made me smile. I can 100% relate to the bootay...chest not so much but hey, less backache, right? I think this post is terrific. It shows the process that you as a woman go through of accepting and loving her body and understanding just how beautiful you truly are. Every woman's is beautiful and it is good to see someone understanding that and putting the positive vibes out into the universe.

    As for the comment from the anon. A woman's body is never pornographic. Certain actions may be but the pictures above don't even come close to some of the stuff you can find late night tumblr surfing. And finally confidence is never crude. Loving yourself is never a 'sin'.

    Keep doing you girl. You have a good thinking head on your shoulders.


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