my morning routine:
                                 wake up
                                  roll over
                                  grab laptop
                                  check blogger
                                  {so i'm addicted. what's it to you?}                               
                                    drag myself to the shower

this morning i stalked nie to the max. her blog is incredible. please, go read her story; it'll change you.(and, it'll help make the rest of this post make sense. seriously, i advise you.)

as i stand under the shower facet, allowing the warm water run down my body, i couldn't help but stop and look around and count my blessings. i couldn't help but be so grateful for the body the lord has blessed me with--one of the greatest gives that i could ever receive. i couldn't help but embrace my flaws{trust me, i have many. especially nakie}and realize how blessed i am. hopefully you read nie's blog, and if you did, you would know that 80% of her body was burned. i cannot even imagine that excruciating pain that she went through. as many of you know, almost two years ago i had a little incident. my burns on my hands are so small compared to what nie had to go through. believe me when i tell you, i think that a burn is possibly the worst physical pain you can endure. the pain never stops. so, i admire nie so much. her amount of faith she has and her outlook on life makes me look like a fool. i am very small things to worry about compared to her and i feel like my world is going to end, at time. 
i am slowly learning to love my body, flaws and all, and embrace who i am. no matter how much i look at others and wish i could be them, i never will be, so i need to love me. i challenge each of you to try to do the same and see what a difference it makes in your life and how much happier you feel in your own skin.{it sounds cheesy, i know} satan will enter into our thoughts and try to steer us from loving ourselves and tell us we're not good enough. well, shove it in his face that 'at least i have a body, something that you will never have'

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  1. I love this. Her blog seriously is so amazing! I haven't read it in a long time but she's still incredible. This sounds incredibly girlish of me but she was in glamour magazine a while ago and it was amazing. Also, I love how you said nakie. Love it


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