I think I should be a hand model!

Wednesday night I went to mutual and it was another wonderful YW's activity. Little did I know it wouldn't turn out so wonderful... We went to one of my leaders house and she is a lovely candy maker and we were planning on making suckers. Here are just some of the steps to making suckers:
1. Boil Corn Syrup, Sugar, and Water to well over 300 degrees
2. Pour blazing hot mix into a funnel
3. Put a wooden spoon at bottom of funnel to avoid over spilling of mix into sucker molds
4. Slowly move wooden spoon around so mix only drizzles over molds
This is as far as I got when the spoon got stuck to the bottom of the funnel and splattered onto my left hand, causing me to drop the funnel out of my right hand. As I reach to save the funnel I put my three major important fingers into the scolding hot mixture and burn my fingers to Tim-Buck-Too! I also seemed to manage to get a little under my eye and on my bottom lip. I am okay now but Wednesday night I was not a happy camper, I think my family thought I was going to die, with all the blood-curling screams! Warning: If you have a queasy stomach, I advise to stop reading and go to a happy reading blog...

Right after the incident

1 day after- Index Finger

 Day 2- Middle Finger

Day 2- Ring Finger

 Later that night- Lovely blisters!


  1. OUCH!! I can't believe that happened! I'm going take a stab here and guess that sucker making isn't something you plan on doing again any time soon :) So Sorry, that looks horrible. I hope you heal quickly!

  2. Her leader and I were talking about how (sadly for Ashlee) this was a perfect example of being a homemaker. It doesn't just happen without sometimes (horrible) mistakes but always there will be mistakes. Becoming a candy maker takes practice and sometimes pain just like everything else. Love ya Ashlee.


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