I will finally admit...

I am accident prone. I thought after I quit soccer I would spend less time at the hospital and would just be normal and accident free. Foolish thinking on my part. I swear if there is any chance of something being dangerous or a chance for someone to get hurt; leave it to me and I'll find out for you. For those of you that did not know, in high school you can donate blood when you are 17. I was so excited that I could finally donate this time around and it didn't hurt that I got extra credit in Anatomy. So Tuesday was the 'big day' and I was a little nervous to how I would react but overall very excited I would be apart in saving someones life. After spending about 45 minutes filling out paper work and questionaires the moment was here and I began donating my precious blood. 5 minutes and 13 seconds later I was done and lacked a pint of blood in my body. I had to go to the bathroom SOOOO bad the whole time and asked the guy who took my blood if I could go to the bathroom real quick and then come back and eat my snack. He said it would be no problem so off to the bathroom I went! Just as I was finishing up and buttoning up my pants I passed out in the stall. For those of you who have not passed out... You don't remember anything and when you wake up you are VERY confused and have no idea what is going on. I was lying on the floor in a very uncomfortable position when I woke up and I thought I just moved my legs and went back to sleep... Being the 'smart' semi-conscience person I am, I decided I would get up and leave the bathroom ( I do not have any recollection of this). As I was walking out of the bathroom I passed out for the second time and hit my head on the corner of the brick wall (we are assuming, but again, I don't know what happened and no one was there to witness it). The janitor found me lying face down just as I was waking up again and asked me if I was "taking a nap". Actually her exact words were " Sweetie? Are you okay, or are you just taking a nap? Oh no! You're bleeding!" I don't know about you but the entry way to the bathroom is not my idea of a napping place, but hey, that may just be me. From this point on everything was pretty much a blur and I only remember a few faces and the Red Cross lady not letting me go to sleep when I wanted to. They called my parents and the para-medics and I was taken by fire truck, yes fire truck, to the ER. I don't remember really anything there either except throwing up. When I finally got with the program I was in this VERY VERY VERY uncomfortable neck brace and waiting for a CT Scan and X-Rays. Everything came back okay and I just suffered from concussion and a fractured nose. I have not really done anything but stay home and sleep because walking exhausts me! It's pathetic. I  am feeling the best I have felt since the 'accident' today and only hope to see improvement!

A fews hours after my little incident in the ER

Day 3: My Avatar Na'vi face!


  1. Oh Ashley! That is terrible! You poor girl, I'm so sorry! But just think you probably have lots of really interesting stories that come from being accident prone! All of us "accident free" people have no stories at all!

  2. Ashlee!
    Oh my, just think about all the stories you can tell :) I hope you're doing okay and you really should stop trying so hard to hurt yourself. It's not good for you! Just become friends with the people at the hospital and you'll always be in good hands ;) (oh, and I just decided today that it would be fun to stalk your blog... hehe)

  3. Ok OUCH!! Uuuummm I am sorry...glad you got your pants buttoned up before you passed out though ;)

    Good thing you know you are accident prone, so you shouldn't be really surprised right :) I'm all about looking for the silver lining :)

    Take it easy..... and next time you give blood just sit there for like an hour....thats what I do....just some frienldy advice from one person that likes to pass out to another :)

  4. That is quite the story, so sorry. I think I am going to be happy that I have never been able donate blood although I have received blood and am grateful to those who were able to donate. Do you think they will ever let you do it again? would you even want to?


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