improving me with 1-2-3.

has there ever come a time in your life where you feel like you're in a rut? you know, the times where you're feeling like you're just getting by(socially, mentally, dating, work-wise, spiritually, etc.)? well, these are the times that i have to take a step back and evaluate myself. personally, i think evaluating yourself and looking for improvements is healthy--there is always room to make a better you.
and that, my friends, is exactly what i am on a mission to do. there are some changes that need to be made in my life that i'm hoping these minor (yet, big?) changes will make a much happier ashlee in the days to come.

here are a few of the changes i'm currently working on:

--gratitude journal: write down 5 things i am grateful for each night.

--study scriptures daily. don't just read, but study. 

--attend the temple at least twice a month.

--read a conference talk each sunday.

--record tender mercies. 

--talk a little less, and listen more. this is a high one on the list. for any of you that know me personally, i am a chatter box and can chat you're ear off. i need to be better at shutting my mouth and listening to others more often.

--leave petty arguments alone. they're not worth wasting your breath over and most don't resolve anything and end up with hurt feeling. just leave it, ashlee.

--take better care of myself. this includes showering(no more day 3 hair) and getting ready everyday(even on days off), saying 'no' to crap (okay, not literal crap), exercising more often, and taken my meds and vitamins daily (i'm awful at this).

--compliment others. when i see a cute shirt, a cute haircut, or anything i like about someone or something, SAY IT. i'm really good at thinking it, but awful at saying it.

--pay attention to who my real friends are. i tend to let people take advantage of me because i hate saying 'no'. sadly, i'm just realizing that my 'real friends' aren't there just when they need a favor. i'm doing much better at figuring out who these people are but still need to weed out the bad.

--free myself from negative people. i'm sure we all know 'negative nancies' that seem to have a vortex that sucks people in and soon they feel awful too. i'm staying as far away from that vortex as possible.

--let go of what's gone. i have a bad habit of holding on to what is gone. let it go.

so, these are just a few of the changes that are on my list; and, of course, i know these will not be 'over-the-night' changes. however, slowly, but surely, i can kick my bad habits and create a much happier, healthier, and improved ashlee. (yep, i repeated that)

to help me remember my goals i write them on my mirror so i see them everyday. (my mirror is seriously my best whiteboard)

what are some of your self-improvement ideas?

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