the 5 people you will mostly be like.

i once heard a quote (i even think it was in church) that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. i am a full believer in this; i've witnessed it in my own life. not only do i think you pick up behavior traits that are like those people; but also their language, the way they talk, and their mannerisms. you may not think you've picked up on them, but step back and look at the them and look at yourself. how freaky alike are you guys? yeah, thought so.
just for kicks and giggles i thought i would show my 'real life examples' of this *cue the 'oohs and ahhs'*

1. one of my best friends, and roommates, holly. if any of you have had the pleasure of meeting her you would know her mannerisms of dancing and posing every time she enters a room. yep, you guessed it; i do the same. also, holly and i have this "voice", i guess you could call it, that we always talk to each other in and text like we're 5 half of the time. it's fine. if you're like any of our other roommates, you'll probably think we're speaking a foreign language.

2. the boys of 17. i'm kind of cheating and categorizing them all together. we've analyzed each of us in our little 'group' and have pinned what you could call that persons signature thing.
a few examples:
teryn: typically starts a sentence with "you've got to understand..."
jon: starts sentences with "here's the thing..."
i've caught myself on more than one occasion saying both of these things.

3. oakcrest. once again, categorizing. this past summer my language when from semi-educated to a 14 year old girl. saying things such as: totes, mo def, perf, def, etc. and using a whole lot of hands while talking. i still haven't broken myself from this.

4. my best friend, and former roommate, erica. erica and i are pretty much two-peas-in-a-pod. we have our differences, but in so many ways, we were so much alike(and our friends thought i was funny to call us the 'lesbian lovers'). we just got each other. erica has a few things that would could be considered 'ericaisms': credit carding people, making hideous faces when people look at her,  and making up words. yeah, i pretty much do all of this, so i'm sorry if you've fallen victim to any of these.

5. and last, my friend kyle. kyle and i aren't really close anymore but first semester and the beginning of this one, we were pretty much inseparable. in most people's opinion, kyle and i are complete opposites. which in reality, we are a ton a like. we may have different lifestyle choices but our brains are freakishly similar. however, becoming more like kyle has kind of been a blessing. he is so chill, carefree, down to earth, and probably the least judgmental person i've ever met. being friends with kyle has opened my eyes to a whole different world i didn't know existed, and made me realize the people who live in that world are still people. they may live differently than myself but they are no less of a person than you and i. he's really helped me accept and love people who are so different than myself. he also helps balance out my control-freak and up- tightness that creeps in on a daily basis.

as i was writing this, i realized i am a lot more like these people than i realized. i feel like the list of things i've picked up on and 'copy catted' from them, could go on  and on. however, seeing how the majority of you don't know these people, i will not bore you. i have some pretty cool friends, guys. if any of these sound like your kind of people, i can set you up. they are all fantastic people and even better friends. (for reals, though. i'm sure i could arrange for you to be friends with them)

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  1. Hahahahaha! I love this so much! And it's SO SO SO true!! Brooklyn always says megababe and now I say it all the time too! It's a best friend thing ;) haha


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