you matter to him.

if you're a long-time friend (i'd prefer to call followers friends, it sounds much more sincere.), then you have probably read my million and one posts about oakcrest and how much i loved teaching the gospel and serving the lord over the summer. well, before you leave because you think it's one of 'those' posts, fear not, it is not. however, i am going to preface this post with a little bit of oakcrest.

over the summer i taught a lesson every thursday night(maybe i stole this idea from practicably perfect pink): you matter to him by president uchtdorf. this was by far my favorite time of week. i would take my girls on the baseball field, we'd lay on the grass, look up at the stars and i'd play this talk. i loved looking up at all the stars and thinking that out of all the children in this world(and in many more)god knows me.

compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God. 

one of satan's greatest tools is to destroy our self-image--for us to see ourselves as nothing and worthless in the world. he discourages us and tries to focus our thoughts on our failures and mistakes we have made in life. he attempts to tell us that we are insignificant, and that no one notices us; especially, a loving heavenly father. unfortunately, on occasion, we allow ourselves to believe this. by letting these thoughts into our minds, it begins to take a ripple effect and soon we begin to diminish our self-worth.

we are not forgotten.
satan does not want us to know our worth; to not know the love our heavenly father has for us. he knows that love and how powerful it truly is. he wants you to believe that you are forgotten and unnoticed. he wants you to focus on your flaws, on your mistakes, and to feel that you are not good enough. he wants you to be feel the unhappiness that he has to live with for eternity.
i absolutely love in president uchtdorfs talk when he says, "the lord doesn't care at all if we spend our days working in marble halls or stable halls. he knows who we are, no matter how humble our circumstances." we live in such a materialistic world where a nice house, clothes, and car all show the success of a human being. the lord doesn't care about those things. he will love me even if i don't have the most glamorous job on the planet, if i'm not friends with the 'cool' kids. he will still notice me and love me no less than those who are more (and less) fortunate than i. he knows that some of the greatest people will not be recognized by society or go down in history.

the love our heavenly father has for us is incomprehensible. this summer i felt that love stronger than i have my entire life, not just for myself, but for his daughters that i was teaching. each week when i would meet my girls, not knowing a single thing about them--even their names-- i would be overwhelmed by this love that i had for them (there were even a few times i was so filled that i would start crying. yep, i looked like the crazy counselor) i would give anything for my girls to feel the love i have for them. i feel that is just a small glimpse of the love our father in heaven has for us. i know, without a doubt, that our heavenly father and savior, jesus christ, love us beyond our comprehension  if you do not feel their love, i challenge you this: ask. ask to know if they love you. ask to feel their love. just ask. i promise, you will get an answer. i've found in my own life that when i am serving others i feel his love the strongest. the lord loves me and he loves YOU!

my dear brothers and sisters, it may be true that man is nothing in comparison to the greatness of the universe. at times we may even feel insignificant, invisible, alone, or forgotten. but always remember--you matter to him!


  1. love love loved reading this :)
    its so true. last sunday someone's testimony was somewhat similar to this and i loved it.

    following :)

    The DayLee Journal

  2. Ashlee, thanks for this! I really needed to hear it. (:
    Hope all is well with you!
    love, Whitney


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