so you think you can dance (sytycd, for short) has a way of moving me. literally, i cannot tell you how many times i have watched it, and was in tears by the end of a routine. i just wanted to share one of my favorite dances of all time after being reminded of it after reading this post by amanda @weandserendipty. so thank you, amanda.
i think everyone, at some point in their life, comes in contact with addiction  whether it be through someone they know or they, themselves, become victim. i think kayla and kupono hit the nail on the head with portraying addiction and it's effects.

 ask me if i cry every time i watch it? the answer would be a solid, "yes".

also, my blog is in dire need of some revamping, so please be patient while it looks like a kindergartner was left in charge of designing it. ever wonder why i rarely blog anymore? i can't stand to look at it so i shouldn't put you through the same pain. one day,  you will thank me.
do i realize my header has two different colors? working on that. yep, i'm not color blind.


  1. oh ashlee, i have missed you blogging. and i love every time you blog. and what you talking bout? your blog ALWAYS looks cute every time i lay my eyes on it. luh you baby girl.

  2. oh I'm obsessed with sytycd. this dance was beautiful.


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