late night thoughts.

my late night thought of the night: the lord know who YOU are.
 he knows what YOU need and exactly when YOU need it. i know this to be true without a doubt in my heart. i am seriously amazed how the lord truly works in mysterious ways and gives you things even when you don't think you need them. but somehow, it was EXACTLY what you needed.
 i was reminded of this tonight while i was talking to a dear friend of mine. i just missed her a lot and realized that i hadn't talked to her in forever and we set up a facetime date. little did i know, that that exact call had been the answer to my prayers for months.
the lord loves you. if there is anything i know to more true, it's this: the lord knows each of his children with an infinite love and is so aware of each of our needs. if you cannot feel that love or don't believe he knows who you are, test it. i promise you will receive an answer. just remember, to have faith, patience, and do all you can to prepare for the answer and it will be given. in his time. he loves YOU!

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