sometimes, i get in ghetto kicks and play them ghettos all the hours. these past two weeks i've been on one of those kicks.
i was born and raised in the wonderful city of west jordan, utah. to many of the surrounding cities, we were known as the 'ghetto'. we had the ghetto school because it wasn't as new and nice as the others, we had ghetto people, and i even carried a gun in my pocket just to be safe. (not really, but people though we carried guns...) maybe when i get in these moods it's because i miss my 'ghetto' heritage and it brings me back to my roots. but nothing beats blasting some ghettos and gettin' crunk in your panties.

here are some of my favorites at the moment

kid cudi--pursuit of happiness

macklemore & ryan lewis-- thrift shop

and the always classic: eminem--when i'm gone.

what are some of your favorites?
i always love getting new music.

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