the cure.

perhaps, it's because my body finally wanted a rest from all hauling of boxes during the moving process, so it forced me to rest. perhaps, it is because i am a 19 year old stuck in a 60 year old body. whatever the circumstance is, my body forced bed rest on me.
the cure for an achy body that can hardly sit up:
take a long, hot bubble bath.
if you have a jetted tub, i highly recommend using it.

set up a soothing piano station on pandora and listen to it while you soak.

third, watch the first season of jane by design
on netflix. you'll be addicted.
and the best thing you can do for your body? sleep, sleep, sleep. my body will thank me tomorrow. hopefully.


  1. I love that you posted a picture of yourself naked in a bath tub...


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