part (one)

things i've learned in my first year as an aggie:

  1. family means everything. i never realized how much i relied on them and love them until they weren't there all the  time.
  2. dish washers are not a necessity of life. 
  3. twin beds aren't that bad to sleep on.
  4. 6 girls on their period is not a good mix.
  5. roommates become your greatest friends.
  6. friends have the biggest influence and impact on you.
  7. i love the church and i go for myself, not because my parents make me. 
  8. the book of mormon is true.
  9. studying scriptures every day gives you the strength to bare the days. 
  10. crying is okay. even if you do it a lot.
  11. it's okay to be alone.
  12. being married at age 19, is not a must.
  13. the cute boys in class typically have rings.
  14. chivalry still exists.
  15. a lot of smooching will go on in college.
  16. you may even kiss a stranger. (it's not that uncommon, you'll see)
  17. college is a lot harder than high school.
  18. no one cares what you did in high school-you get a fresh start. 
  19. talking and waving to strangers isn't that strange.
  20. making your bed will relieve stress.
  21. you have to get out of your comfort zone.
  22. sometimes, it's okay to just want to be unsocial. (but not all the time, trust me, it's not healthy)
  23. counseling isn't for those who've lost their insanity.
  24. i need to trust in the lord with everything and accept my plan is not his. 
  25. communicating with my father in heaven essential.
  26. eating your lunch by yourself does not mean you're a loser. 
  27. a vacuum is something you must invest in, if you don't have one.
  28. high heels and the stairs to our apartment are not a good mix. 
  29. not knowing what you're going to do with your life is okay.
  30. being single is okay.
  31. letting people go hurts, but let's you move on. 
  32. who my true friends are.
  33. high school drama doesn't exactly stay in high school.
  34. bearing your testimony on fast sunday is the battle of the fittest in a singles ward.
  35. get to know your ward really well. and your neighbors.
  36. not all rm's are racing to get married. 
  37. some of the greatest people ever are not members of the church.
  38. no one cares if you show or don't show up to class. 
  39. college is super expensive. 
  40. cooking is a forte for me. 
  41. i'm motherly (not sure if it's quite a good thing right now)
  42. toilet paper, cheese, tampons, and pads are super expensive.
  43. some things don't matter. 
  44. tolerance.
  45. patience.
  46. being yourself is key to being successful in college.
  47. sleeping is something you will take advantage of whenever given the opportunity.
  48. sleeping in public places is socially acceptable.
  49. the library is the cool place to be.
  50. utah state was the best decision i could have made for school.


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