part (two)

a week ago, i left beloved home: logan. i miss it more than you can imagine. therefore, i have been trying to distract myself from thinking about it. however, i think it's time to do part (two) of my freshman year.

 when i decided to go to utah state, i felt pretty good about my decision. however, once i moved in and within the first week, i thought i made the worst decision ever. i loved suu and had so many friends and opportunities i didn't have at utah state and i was beginning to think that i really didn't listen to where my heavenly father wanted me to go and i made a bad decision. now, i know, i made one of the best decisions i could have in my life. utah state has been such a blessing and is the right place for me. however, it would be nothing without my roommates and i think they are a huge reason i was meant to go to utah state; they've each helped me learn and grow so much.

  april, i could not have asked for a better roommate. you seriously were the ideal roommate. i absolutely loved our 2 am talks and how alive we became at the wee hours. thank you for putting up with me and all of my weird quirks. i heard so many roommate horror stories before i came to school, and i honestly was so scared. fortunately, our stories are far from horrific. we didn't have one single fight the whole year, not even one! thank you so much for always being there for me when i needed someone to talk to and for listening to my lame stories. also, i owe you a million for taking me to the e.r. and staying with me at 1am. we've had so many good times and i'm going to miss you so much next year.

shacy, i was honestly the most scared to live with you. i knew you from high school and i didn't have the best image of you. however, you completely kicked out all of my previous thoughts and filled them with love for you! you are such an incredible woman and so dedicated in everything you do. i am so excited for this summer and that i get to spend it with you! i'm so grateful that we became such good friends this year and for all the spice and smell you added to our apartment. i also love the fact that you have the bladder of a pregnant woman and have to pee a billion times a day.

erica, i still don't understand how we basically did all the same things in high school and never were friends... oh yeah, because you thought i was a 'choir queer'! i'm so glad we shocked shauna and have become besties this year. we always have a good time and i can always count on you to watch a movie and paint nails with me. i'm so happy we are rooming together next year! it's going to a riot. and, the fact that we have our own bathroom and bunk beds will be too much fun.

holly, i cannot even begin to explain how much i look up to. you are so strong in the gospel and your testimony has strengthened me so much. i always could count on your for a good gospel talking and i loved them all. you are so funny and i love that we've become so close in the past months. i'm so excited to live with you again next year and can't wait for all of our adventures.

britney, i'm so glad that you aren't a "phantom" and you really exist. you are so funny and i'm so glad i had the opportunity to room with you. you taught me so much about accepting others even if they are different from you. i love the fact that you would rather play video games than go shopping. really, i do love it! i will never forget the night in october when i was talking to a dumb boy (i think you know who) on the phone and i was so upset and crying for hours. you never left my sight. even though we weren't talking about what happened, just knowing you were there meant the world to me! thank you so much for the great year and i'll miss you so much next year! you better come and visit.

i also believe some other people deserve some credit for my incredible first year...

D-2 (old and new), you are seriously the most incredible boys i've ever met in my life. i'm not even exaggerating. you guys are so strong in the gospel and your testimonies and spirits radiate to those around you. the girls that marry you guys will be the luckiest girls on earth. i'm so glad our apartments became such good friends and i had the chance to know you all. you guys are such great examples and i will never forget when some of us were hanging out at your apartment really late and someone wanted to go to bed so you invited us to have prayer with you guys. i cannot even begin to explain the impact that experience had on me. i look up to you all so much and those that are, and are going, on missions; you are all going to be such incredible missionaries and the people you serve are so lucky to have you. i'm going to miss you all so much! see you in two! (or next year, in ben's case)

kaelee, i'm so glad we've become such good friends this year. just like erica, i don't know why we weren't friends in high school and we even worked together, too. i'm so glad you really aren't mean, easy, and ghetto. you're far from that. you've been such a great friend to me this year and thank you for always being there. i'm really going to miss you living at our apartment next year so you better come and visit. we even have a cute fire place :)

stefano, even though you were here for only a semester, i'm so glad you came. i'm also glad that you liked us enough to come and bum at out apartment all the time. we all loved it. i'm so glad i got to know you this year and for the example you set for me and others. we've had such good times and you're 401 family really misses you.

through all the heartache, pain, tears, laughs, and memories i've made in my first year, i could not ask for a better group of individuals to share it with. thank you all so much for all you've done and for the incredible year at utah state! i know, without a doubt in my heart, utah state is the place for me. i've learned so much over this past year and i can't wait for the many years in the future. go aggies!

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  1. So basically... You should just move into my house with me(: Haha I LOOOVVVVEEEEEE YYYYOOOOUUUUUU <3


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