you know those days where you just want to sleep and sleep, and then maybe sleep some more? well, that's me everyday. i am constantly tired no matter how much i sleep. it's rather odd, if you ask me. usually, though, if i sleep in i typically have energy for a little longer than the average day. and, this is why spring break was so bad for me. i slept basically the entire time. okay, that's not true; i slept, worked, and the cycle went on repeat for a week. i decided to bag my landscaping class for monday and stay home until tuesday. therefore, i slept today. i slept until 12:15, to be exact. all of my friends and roommates give me so much crap for sleeping so much and don't understand why i sleep all of the time. (or how i can sleep so long) you know when you take nyquill and feel heavy and exhausted? or when you're extremely tired and just want to sleep and you feel like you got hit by a bus? yeah, that's my feeling everyday. maybe, some people just were born to sleep and live in their dreams all of the time verses facing reality. maybe, i'm one of those people. you're right, probably not.


  1. Try some vitamin D! Really! I bet you are lacking due to the lovely Cache Valley Inversion!! And while you're at it, sleep a few extra winks for me!! ;)

  2. oh my!! that is totally me right now! i can't seem to pull myself out of bed...


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