oh, the life of a college student.

it was 12:30 and i was nestled in my little bed waiting for sleep to take me. i hear a light knock on our door and hear someone walk in the room. then i hear in a whisper, "um, ashlee, you're going to hate me." 
"erica, why would i hate you?"
"well, i kinda left my car in the parking garage and need you to take me to it...
will you take me?"
with that, i jumped out of bed (retainer in my mouth and all), slipped on my shoesies and left with erica.
little did i know, apparently 12:30 is the time to be our in the hall socializing. 
yeah, i looked like a zombie and had a beautiful lisp, as i greeted my fellow neighbors. 
as we were driving to the parking garage erica and i suddenly found this situation hilarious and began laughing hysterically. we got to her car, decided to take a picture to document this moment and went on our way back to SJ 401. when we got back, i bolted for my bed and with that random adventure in mind, had a lovely slumber.

oh, the life of a college student.

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