viva las vegas!

husband with 4 of his 2 wives. what a lucky man.

we're only slightly addicted to frozen yogurt.

the reason i go to sin city.

i look like a complete tourist.

sister wives :)

we also went to paris.

the belagio is a snip it of my heaven.

chloe and kayla at hardrock.

my best friend for life.

two of my very best friends.

like our bums?
we had our spring break and decided we were big kids and wanted to take a vacation. so, where do we decide to go? none other than, the heart of sin itself- vegas! my mother was gracious enough to lend us her van and kayla and i switched off driving while the kids in the back watched movies and slept. we checked into my parents condo, cleaned up and hit the strip for the night. we wandered on the north end and watched the incredible water show at the belagio. (it gets me every time) we were pooped and caught the shuttle back to the condo and hit the sacks. the next morning we woke up, went grocery shopping, swam, got ready and then hit the strip for some fun daytime activities. we experienced the world of coke together and i managed to spend 43 dollars on m&ms (a complete mistakes) as the night came, we went back to the condo to change into our "nighttime" clothes (none of which fit the vegas dress code, thank goodness) and went to the hardrock cafe, rode new york, new york and walked the strip some more. vegas really took a toll on us and we called it a night about 11:30 (we party hard). the next morning we woke up and drove home. it was a short vacation but perfect for me. it was exactly what i needed to escape from the stress of life. i'm so glad i was able to go with such great friends who made the trip so much fun and drama free. i'm so blessed to have such incredible influences and friends in my life.
some things i learned on this trip:
  • erica swears like a madwoman when she's scared.
  • male strippers make you turn more red than a tomato in a matter of seconds.
  • chloe has a crush on nala.
  • chloe is a wonderful traveler with 5 girls.
  • you always need to bring tampons and pads whenever you leave to go anywhere.
  • the belagio has water shows that go off every 15 minutes.
  • there are a billion different fro-yo joints on the strip.
  • you can still have fun even if you don't smoke, drink, or strip in vegas.
  • colby will allow you to call him chloe, and even responds when you beckon him. 

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