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stache happens to be the newest addition to the OC staff! i cannot even express how thrilled i am to have this incredible blessing in my life. let me tell ya, folks, the lord definitely listens to you and answers  your prayers. he knows the right path for you and will always lead you in the right direction. i know, without a doubt in my heart, that oakcrest is the perfect opportunity for me this summer. it's what i am supposed to do at this time in my life. i am ecstatic to be a counselor and to have the opportunity to teach young girls about the savior, the atonement, about themselves, and how loved they are as a daughter of our heavenly father, and the gospel all in all. i know already that these girls that will be placed with me will teach me more than i will them, let's face it. when i got off the phone with giggles after i was offered the position, i completely lost it. i immediately began bawling and could not thank my father in heaven enough for providing me with this incredible opportunity. 
please know, that our heavenly father loves you. he knows you by name. he knows your heart, your aspirations, your weaknesses, your strengths. he knows what's best for you and wants nothing more than that. he listens. when you speak, he is always there listening to you. he answers prayers. it may not come at the time you want it, or in the way you plan, but he always does. but remember: on his time. 


  1. ashlee!!! you are going to be the best counselor ever!!!!!! i am so excited for you! but we better hang out on the weekends girl! :) congrats

  2. yay! (: how fun for you! that is so exciting! i'm sure you will have so much fun! and there probably isn't a better way to spend a summer than that! woohoo!

  3. I'm so happy for you!!! I'm applying for it next year!! Is Stache your name? Haha I love it!!

  4. Hay hay!!! That is awesome! I am soooo happy for you stache :) you will be the best. The lord definetly works on his own time, and that makes things all the better! Love you


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