because i lack creative juices, and really want to blog...

twelve random facts:

*i can't do a cart-wheel to save my life.

*i believe in kissing. a lot. 

*i'd prefer to walk my house naked than in clothes.

*boys with dark hair, good voices, and class melt my heart.

*i have a weakness for small children.

*i am probably the most accident prone person you'll ever meet.

*i have a healthy habit of cyber-stalking people.

*you will rarely find me glued to my phone.

*i am sarcastic ninety-nine percent of the time.

*my blog is the only place i don't capitalize words.

*boys with good voices and smiles will have me drooling over them for days.

*i can talk your ear off and will often do it with different voices, here and there.

1. describe your perfect day.
that's a tough one. i'd have to say april 25th. because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket. 

2. what is your favorite down town?
new york, easily.

3. what are some of your favorite names?
i am a fan of classic names. one day, my children will be named them and feel like old people; they can suck it up.

4. what's your favorite word and why?
classy; i use it every day.

5. what is your favorite food?
italian & seafood.

6. biggest pet peeve.
i'm awful and have too many. 
*people who use incorrect spelling/grammar & think it's cool.
*messy people. 

7. guilty pleasure.
romances & food

8. who was your first crush?
aric flitton. basically, he consumed my life all of elementary.

9. summer or winter?
i can't make up my mind. when it's one season, i want the other.

10. if you had a crystal ball that could tell you anything, what would it be?
the winning numbers to the lottery. goodbye, stress of paying for school.

11. night in or night out?
night in. i've become a hermit since i've moved out.

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  1. Love, love, love this post! You are an amazing woman and it is fun reading this and getting to know you more!


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