snail mail.

don't have a missionary? i recommend getting one. go find a nice, good looking, 19 year old boy and snatch him up. kidding. sort of. then write letters back and forth via snail mail. but really, missionaries are the best thing ever. trust me, very few things will get you more excited than when you see your name on the envelope with the name "elder" in the return address. and, you may, perhaps, get letters that look a little something like this that'll have you laughing so hard you tinkle a little in your pants...(yep, i just said that)

"if my hotness doesn't melt your computer..."
if you can't read this, click on it so it will zoom.
my personal favorite: communicating through scriptures.
do i have you confused? questioning your knowledge of my life? 


  1. my dear dear ashlee,

    this makes me quite excited to send james out:) i have thought about it a lot and i am thrilled at the thought of receiving letters. thank you for making me look at the lovely side of missionaries:) because missing james already has taken up a huge chunk of my missionary thoughts. so i must thank you!


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    Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!!


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