Top Ten Thursday!

Items of clothing I wish I could buy if I had the money:

Seeing how I am a poor college student, it's about everything....
Church clothes. They are running very slim right now.
This coat!
Rocks. I have an obsession with jeans. And, mine are getting pretty worn. :(

A plethora of scarves.
darling shoes.

It's all about school pride.

Big Stars. Probably the most durable jeans I've ever owned. Why not get more?

Necklaces. Accessories are my best friend.

 Boots! I love boots and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have too many in Logan.

Seeing how everyone can see my computer at the moment, I will not be putting a picture of my tenth thing(s).
Bras and panties.
Please donate to this fund, it is a necessity.

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