Top Ten Thursday!

Pet Peeves:
(Good golly, I have far too many than 10)

1. When the toilet seat is left up. In my house, a friends house, wherever. There is no excuse, it's gross.

2. When people do not know the correct usage of words. There, their, they're, you're, your, too, to, two. There is a difference people! Seriously, we learned this in 2nd grade. Also, throwing everything you learned in good ole English away in the trash, while texting.

3. People pleasers. No one wants to have a 'pretend' friend. (This could also be due to the fact that I think I am a pretty blunt person.)

4. Dishes in the sink and not covering the oh-so-lovely female lifesavers--for that time of month--in the trash. (I've learned this since I've moved out)

5. When I'm hanging out with someone and they are glued to their phone. Nothing says "I'd rather be anywhere but here" like constantly texting.

6. Girls who think acting dumb is attractive and funny. If I could slap you silly and knock some sense into you, I would.

7. Deceivers. Be a man and own up to your actions, for goodness sakes!

8. Not changing the toilet paper roll when there is one sheet left. Yeah, who wants to wipe their business with their hand? Not I!

9. Hypocrites. We live in a time where lives are a facade, unfortunately.

10. Bossiness. Perhaps, it's because, I, too, am one of these people.

1 comment:

  1. #2? I COMPLETELY agree. It's not that hard to use the right word! I totally want to be involved in your top tens! You guys always have the best ideas!


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