So I have an obsession, what's it to you?

I'm pretty sure every girl fantasizes and plans out her wedding. I will admit I have a(n) slight obsession. There, it's out in the open.

This ring.

The engagements.

or something along these lines.

The wedding photos...

The dress--with quarter-length sleeves.

Birdcage veil with hair like this!

This bouquet...

or this one?

A cupcake bar.

But this cake is so perfect!

Coordinating refreshments. The colors: dark purple, black, and cream
A live band. And live people dancing.

A photo booth to take photos. To put in the guest book. I'd like to know what these people look like that I need to thank for the gifts.

This venue (:


  1. I love this Ashlee! I also have an obsession...

  2. love it! i'm obessed. Pinterest is the place to be obessive over everything wedding. I actually have a folder on my computer for wedding ideas. Haha it's chalk full of things cam and I are dong for our wedding. He doesn't know...he he. Oh well, if he loves me, he'll let me plan the wedding, right??? :)


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