Calling all stalkers.

Come out, come out, wherever you are! Yes, that would be you, stalker. Me, being the person with no life at the moment has been checking my blog and stats quite frequently lately. Mock all you want, but if you were quarantined to your room for 4 days what would you do? Maybe I don't want to know... Anyways, I know I have way more stalkers than are getting credit. Once again, I checked my stats. So, please, wherever you are, come out from hiding and show your face! I feel as if a little circle of friendship forms through the blogging world and for us to be friends, I would love to know who you are! So, please, I am begging you,

Come out and show your pretty little face! (:


  1. I was definetly going to do this same kind of post today. oh well. oh and sorry to disappoint...i'm sure you got excited when you had a comment, and are now upset it was just from me. haha good luck being stalked!

  2. I would guess I'm the only one from oregon :) If not you have a problem on your hands, everyone up here is weird (except me of course :)

    Sorry you are sick!!

  3. Hi! My name is Chelsea and I read your blog quite often.


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