Top Ten Thursday: Embarrassing Moments.

Good golly, I seriously embarrass myself on a day to day basis! It's something I do, it's a part of what makes me, me! Because they happen so often I tend to forget them, so I will try my best to remember them. Actually, I'll just say the ones that come to mind. (I'm awful at telling short stories so this post will probably be really long, you've been warned)

10. While e-mailing back and forth with my mentor for this year, we were talking about things that interest us and clubs and all that jazz. He asked me what clubs I was thinking of joining. Me, being the smarty pants I think I am, says: "Oh, I was thinking of joining the MUSS!" Mind you, I go to Utah State. To that, he replies, "The MUSS is actually associated with the U of U, our version of that is called 'The HURD'. Nice one, Ashlee. A lovely first impression you have made. AND, I'm not even a Utes fan so I don't know why I said that!

9. One day while I was working away and had the lovely duty of cleaning the restrooms, I was having issues with the vacuum and needed some assistance. Jeff, being the gem he is, came to help me figure out what was wrong. Side note: we were in the women's restroom and there was a sign that clearly stated that it was 'closed for cleaning'. As we were standing there trying to fix the vacuum, all of the sudden we hear these really strange 'bathroom noises' and a lady says very sternly, "there's someone in here! Get out!" We quickly left the bathroom and about peed ourselves from laughing so hard. Then I left bathroom duty for awhile, giving lady enough time to do her business, and came back and walk in and there she is, washing her hands and giving me an awful look. I slightly smiled and turned away, blushing really badly.

8. At a wonderful NJHS social in 9th, we were playing an intense game of Musical Chairs. We were down to the last two people (myself, and Kellie) and me being the competitor I am, was determined to win this game. The music stopped and we both jumped to the chair and she pushed me off and I fell really weird and hurt my knee. I didn't think much of it and continued on with the party. I got home and looked at my knee and it was the size of a softball. No joke! We went to the Dr's and I don't remember what the diagnoses was but long story short, I messed my knee up forever from that game.

7. During one of the many performances during Christmas Season with the Madrigals, we were singing "Fruitcake" and I had Amber on my back and we were doing chicken fights. My heal got caught in a crack and I rolled my ankle and down we went. In front of everybody. In dresses.

6. Not getting my first kiss 'till I was 18.

5. At the choir banquet Kayla, Camie, and I were just partyin' away when I remembered I found this long hair coming out of this weird freckle/mole on my neck. I started freaking out and asked one of them to pull it out. Camie volunteered and it hurt! Like a mother! But, I was able to finish the night moley hairless.

4. So one day Kayla and I decided to go to Best Buy and buy me a web cam. On our way there we were rockin' out to Next to Normal and as I was getting out of the car I was singing at the top of my lungs, totally off key and this guy starts laughing and tells me that I'll be the next American Idol. It was super embarrassing but funny nonetheless.

3. Almost getting caught streaking with my friends. This one explains itself.

2. One time. I was kissing this boy. I liked this boy. I also liked kissing this boy. While we were kissing I suddenly couldn't breath. I tried to catch my breath. I made a weird noise. He laughed. I was mortified.

1. Last March I was trying to be a good citizen and decided to donate blood. Everything went well and I felt fine during the drawing but I had to pee so badly! I asked the nurse man if I could run to the bathroom when I was done and then come back and have my treats. He said it wouldn't be a problem at all. As I'm walking there, I start to feel really sick to my stomach and my hearing starts to go all weird and distant. I hurried even faster to the bathroom and basically ran into the stall. I finished my business and got up to button up my pants and the next thing I know, I'm on the floor. I don't know why, but I didn't think much of it and decided I should probably get back before I pass out. Yeah, dumb, I know. I wasn't thinking clearly. As I was leaving the bathroom I passed out again and fell into the brick wall. The hall monitor comes over to me as I'm waking up and asks if I'm taking a nap... Yeah, lady, 'cause this is where everyone naps--on the floor of the hallway/bathroom! What kind of question is that?! Once again, long story short; I left that incident with a broken nose, concussion, and lovely face to show my battle I lost with the wall. I still get crap about it today.

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