My name is what?

Okay, blogging friends who read my obsurd words that I post, and care to follow me after the change. I am changing my url. I'm sick of mormonchick101--let's be honest, I made it in 8th grade. It's time to change. Also, after this new url, I feel like some changes need to me made. I need more "ooomph" in my blog. It needs to be more me: how I'm feeling, what I'm doing, yadda, yadda, yadda. So bare with me. Oh! And I'm going to attempt to go against everything I've learned in Shauna's class and be lazy... I have a slight obession with short sentences. Slight. Okay, maybe a lot. I love fragments. At the moment. So bare with me through these changes. Thanks, cute friends!

Maybe I should tell you my new url. maybe.
It's my life. It's my blog. It's my pearl.

It'll be changing on Tuesday, for those of you who care :)

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