Relay for Life

Part of our team at the 3am pizza party!
The Survivor Walk. My Uncle is the one in the Utes hat!

Oh geez, Relay for Life was great this year! Last year I loved it and all but this year was a blast! We participated in the West Jordan one and it was so much more organized and had a lot more activities compared to Riverton last. My team was incredible! It consisted of my Aunt Pam, Uncle Dennis, Tyler, Chelsea, Judy, Dad, Cortnee, Spencer, Diane, Christine and her boys, Chelsea's mom, and some more friends of my Aunt's. It started off with this cute carnival ran by each of the teams and they all had super cute stuff. Spencer and I even got henna tattoos! Then they had the Survivor Walk to kick off the relay! Spencer and I were on a team and ran at 11, 2, and 6am. Our 6am shift totally sucked! We had just barely fallen asleep and were soooo tired and had to wake up. Neither one of us were happy campers... Speaking of happy campers... We watched Jim Gaffigan to pass some time and it was hilarious! I can't remember exactly how we got on that subject but we started talking about happy campers and Jim Gaffigan's joke about that (here's the link for that video. I highly recommend watching it--it's hilarious!)
That night also included a pie making/eating contest (our team took second!), a pinewood derby, karaoke (much thanks to Team Sassy Pants), Spencer and my cousin Tyler singing "Sweet Caroline" on the karaoke machine, the Fact Game with Spencer, seeing shooting stars for the first time(apparently there was a meteor shower that night!) sleeping on the cold, wet grass and freezing my bum off, and many laughs and memories made (:

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