Last night I took Spencer horseback riding for the first time! I'm pretty sure he loved it, he had a smile on the whole time (: Except when I would try to take pictures of him, then he would stop smiling... boo! (note: he hates pictures and thinks I take way too many) It was super fun and we finally checked off #2 on our bucket list. The days are getting shorter but I'm not having as hard of a time leaving him as I thought I would be. Thank goodness! I think it's because I finally am realizing as long as we're both working at it, things can stay pretty much the same. I am so grateful for him and he's helped me through so much and I know God placed him in my life at the time he did for a reason. He's such a great example and makes me work to be a better person everyday. I just love him (: (if you haven't met him yet, you really should. You're missing out!)

It's hard to tell, but Spencer's eyes are totally in the back of his head! That's what he gets for rolling his eyes at me!

Aunt: "Now you two hold hands!"
Us: (awkwardly looking at each other) uhhh.... (laugh)

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  1. This is adorable!
    I am beyond jealous that you got to ride horses!


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