Stuff Happens.

Things happen to everybody, it's a fact of life. And let me tell ya, things have been happening in my life. Crazy things!
This past week has been a week of firsts:

1. On Saturday when I was coming home from work around 1:30am, I was driving through my neighborhood and this crazy guy totally jumped in front of me! I swerved so I would miss him and he ran up to my door and tried to pull them open (there is a reason I am so paranoid about locking my door, obviously) and then started banging on my windows and car and then went on his merry way. It was soooo scary! At that moment I have never been so scared for my life and I'm so lucky nothing happened.
I came inside and my mom came and sat with me to comfort me and as we were sitting in the front room a police car drove by slowly. We thought maybe he was looking for the guy...Then about a minute later 3 police cars came flying in my neighborhood lights and sirens and all. This for sure had to be for the same guy! We drove down the street and filed a complaint (apparently this guy had been causing all sorts of problems up and down my street, who does that?!). The police told us not to worrry any more and this guy would be going to jail. Talk about an obsurd night!

2. As my sister was driving my family (everyone except my step-dad) to my dad's to get some stuff we got into our first accident. We were heading eastbound on 6200 S crossing bangerter (with a totally green light--it had been green before we even approached the intersection) and all of the sudden this blue car came flying around the corner heading southbound across bangerter and there was no way they were stopping. Cortnee slammed on the brakes as hard as she could but it was too late. The car hit us going around 50 mph and spun us and sent us down bangerter. It all happened so fast it feels so surreal. One minute we're all sitting there listening and singing to the radio and the next all of the air bags are deployed and there's smoke filling the car. We all came to when we realized what happened and my mom was just yellling for us to "get out!" However, the car was still in gear and wouldn't unlock the doors. My mom quickly pulled the emergency break and we got out to an awful sight. A lady jumped out of her car already on the phone with 911 and ran to make sure we were all okay. The car that hit us was full of teenage kids all startled and in tears. The police and everyone came and got everything taken care of and cleaned up, but we're still left with that awful memory that continues to play over and over again in my head. We are so fortunate that it was only 2 cars, including us, that were involved. It was such a busy time of night and it's a miracle neither one of us hit anyone else. Though this is not what any of us wanted to happen, it happened for a reason and there is something that we need to learn from this. Stuff happens.


  1. Dear Ashlee,
    I'm so sorry it was such a traumatizing week! Jeez woman! These things always happen to you... haha :( I'm glad your ok!
    your friend, Whitney

  2. So glad everyone is okay! I bet you are all sore! I had a little run in with a Dick Simon truck a ways back. It takes a little time to feel comfortable in a car again! Hang in there!

  3. hi! i am jalissa, a new follower, but i prefer the word reader, less creepy. haha, i just adore your blog! you are such a sweet girl with a very strong testimony. thank you for your example! (:

    that sounds like a terrifying night with the psycho man! i think i would freak out! yay for moms! (:
    you guys are so lucky to be safe and sound! it's a bummer it had to happen to you guys, but man, no one deserves that.

    ps. i am a freak about locking the doors too!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about the accident, but thank goodness you're all okay.
    Your bog is so cute! What a wonderful person you are!

  5. Wow!! I'm glad you are ok from both incidences that is a lot for one Young person. I haven't even had that much stuff happen and I'm old ;) Keep locking your doors and saying your prayers, hopefully this will be all for a long long time!


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