Last Night.

Was insnae! I Never thought I would be able to pull an all-nighter! It was quite an accomplishment, if I do say so myself :) It was not as hard as I expected but the credit all goes to my wonderful friends, Camie and Amber. They were such troopers! So the night started when I got off work at 10:30 and Amber and I did a little treat shopping at Macey's so we'd be able to get through the night. Oh, I guess I should say... I had to pull this lovely 24 hrs of no sleep with NO caffine and NO chocolate 7 hrs prior to my testing!!!!! Anyways... So when we got done with our shopping we rented Life As We Know It and Camie caught up with us at my house. We kicked off the night with making chocolate chip oreo cookies. Delish! Then we popped in the movie and enjoyed ourselves. I love Life As We Know It-- I strongly recommend it! At about 1:30 Camie had to depart from us and Amber and I continued on with our festivities. Our night consisted of eating, watching awful Paid Programming commercials, doing Zumba @ 2:30 in the morning, making wands, listening to country music, and talking. It was grand! Around 5:30 am, my lack of sleep starting to kick in and I started the whole head nod thing. I swear, 7 could not come soon enough! At about 6:15, Amber went home and I made myself some eggs and bacon while waiting for my parents to get ready so we could leave for the hospital. We arrived at the hosptial approx. 7:30 and I felt sick to my stomach... I wanted this test to be OVER so I could go home and sleep! The test itself took around an hour and it was cake. They took me into a room and measure my head, layed me on a gurnie, and applied 26 electrodes around my head and begun the test. I mainly just layed there and tried to fall asleep but I think I passed the point of where you're soooo tired you can't even fall asleep. They did some excercises to try to set off seizures; had me hyperventilate, flash strobe lights, open and close my eyes really fast, and some other things. I feel the test went very well and it was much easier than I expected. I have to check up with my Neurologist in 2 days and hopefully he will have read the test and we'll get the results! Cross your fingers! So that was my lovely all-night adventure. I seriously don't know how kids stay up all night just for fun, it totally killed me!
Our scrumdilyumptious cookies :)
We really love each other ;)


My cute new accessory--my super ghetto heart-monitor

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