As most of you know I handle awkward situations pretty well. Actually, I don't really sense them that often. But today I had a full blown version of awkwardness! So here's the stitch:
So today was my friend Corey's farewell. I was super excited to hear his talk and testimony! I don't know what it is but I love hearing other's but especially my friend's testimonies. So Kayla comes and picks us up and we're off to this awaited event. I walk in and my friend, Spencer's, mom motions us to come sit with them. So we go and are just enjoying the prelude music waiting for the meeting to start when Spencer's ex-girlfriend comes in with his brother and sits right next to me. We're kinda friends and I think she is a very nice and cute girl so I kinda just thought 'whatever' to the situation. I thought it was a little weird/uncomfortable but once again, whatever. So we go on with the meeting and after Sacrament Spencer comes to sit with his family. I thought he'd go and sit next to his family, but no, he plops down right inbetween X and I! It was a little awkward but I tried to not let it get to me and listened to the speakers. Yeah, not only did he come sit inbetween us, but they decided to talk and giggle ALL THROUGH SACRAMENT!!!! You kinda have to know the whole story to understand why it was so uncomfortable and awkward, but I'm not going to go into details... It's not my story to share. So yeah, after Sacrament we all went to Corey's for food and mingling. I was hoping maybe the awkwardness would settle down... Not really.  I have this huge problem where little things bother me and continue to bother me until I explode. It's really dumb and I try to control it, but that's just who I am. Yep, so that's my awkward moment of the day.(and probably and super dumb story to all my readers. But what can I say? It's just my life!)

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