Father's Day

Today is the best day ever! We all get to celebrate the best man in the world; my dad! I love him so much!!!!! I could not have asked for a better father. My dad and I are so close and I am hands down a 'daddy's girl'. My dad is basically the funniest person I've ever know. He always keeps my family on our toes and it's always a great time when he's home. Dinner is basically this huge laughing fest and my sister and I are very similar to my dad with his sense of humor and we both get in on it and ocassionally Judy and it's a riot! I look up to my dad so much and hope I can be like him in so many ways! This year for Father's Day we got my dad a sweet camera that will hook onto his helmet when he goes on bike rides. I think he loved it, he's been wanting one for forever! Then we packed up and went to my grandparent's house out in Tooele. We had yummy food, mingled, and enjoyed each other's company.  I know, it sounds super cheesy but I'm serious. Any time spent with my family is time well spent. I'm so lucky to have them! It was a wonderful Father's Day--in my opinion. I love you, Dad!
Father's Day 2011

Dad and his new helmet cam

Dad and I :)

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