It's starting to sink in, slowly. What awaits me in the future is so exciting but at the same time a part of me is wanting to stay right where I am. Completely content with where I am at the moment. Lately I've been getting little glimpes of the change that is coming. Once again, I am excited but hesitant as well. Especially hesitant with leaving people and experiences behind. I just need to buck up and realize no matter what I do change is going to happen. It 's inevitable, and out of my control.

My best friend, Spencer, is going to be one of the people I miss the most. He's probably the person I am closest to right now and the closest I've ever been to a friend. I am dreading the day that we have to part and move on with our lives. Me leaving to college and him staying home and being almost 2 hours away is going to be super hard. I am just going to cherish the last few months I have left at home and have fun. Thank goodness for phones! :)

I wish Cort and I were always as close as we are now. I have an incredible sister and I wish everyone could know and see the cute little girl I still see in her. We always have a blast together no matter what we're doing and not having her around all the time to talk to is going to be a hard adjustment. I will also miss her closet dearly ;)

I am going to miss my crazy friends and remember all the fun memories we've made together. Luckily I will be able to see most of them quite a bit but things will still be different. They've taught me so much and have really helped make me into who I am today. I love you guys! :)

I'm a total daddy's girl and not having my dad to come to my rescue for little dumb things will kinda weird. He is so funny and I'm going to miss coming home to him everyday and the laughing fests he provides for our family! 

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