Day 28: Someone that changed your life.

I'm in the home stretch! I'm almost done!!!! So basically I suck at choosing one person, so I'm choosing a group of people that changed my life. And that group would be, Heirs of the Kingdom! Yep, my EFY company :)

Best company/week of my life!!!!
Oh my goodness, there is SOOO much to say about EFY. Best. Thing. Of. My. Life. Ever. It totally changed me. Before EFY I had a testimony but I relied on others moreso than my own. Everything changed that week while I was at EFY with the most incredible people ever! Everyone there is there for the same purpose and trying to find out for themselves about the church and about themselves. I was not prepared for the answers and guidance I would be recieving that week. To be quite honest, I mainly signed up for the boys. I know that's terrible but it's the truth. I found out so much about myself and grew so much closer to my Savior than I had my entire life in this short 5 day period. It was AMAZING!!! On Friday I did not want to leave and I had the hardest time say 'goodbye' to my company and to the feeling that I had throughout this week. What I learned though, was I did not need EFY to feel this way I could feel like this all on my own if I strived for it. You seriously leave EFY feeling like a million bucks and going back to reality, I must admit, SUCKS! You have a total eye-opening experience and realize how filthy the world is and it makes you even moreso to not want to be a part of it. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go to EFY and go with some of my best friends too! It's a week that I will never forget and has changed me for life. If you have the opportunity to go, TAKE IT!!!!

And you leave looking like crap because you were crying so much!

Jackson and Keaton (My COW) were best friends and 'accidently' matched the last day

Yep, we pretty much had the coolest boys ever! Please listen to this song! It had a HUGE impact on what changed me :)

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