Day 27: The friendliest person I knew for only one day.

I think I would have to say this girl, Hanna, I met a Leadership Weekend down at SUU. I went down there all by myself and I was a little worried because most people go down in groups, but I think I'm a pretty outgoing person so my worries we down to the minimum. I got there and my prediction was right, everyone came down in groups! I felt a little out of place for a few minutes but totally let it go! We started playing games and this is when my first encounter with my dizziness and being lightheaded started. I sat down down in a corner all by myself because it was super embarrassing and Hanna came over and introduced herself to me and came to see if I was okay. Later that night at dinner the friends I had met earlier that day went and sat with their school friends so I was sort of just left alone. I looked for a table with an empty seat and just happened to end up at Hanna's table. She introduced me to her friends and we got talking and laughing. This girl is hilarious! The next morning we left and I haven't heard from her since. I am so grateful for people like Hanna who are so inviting and caring to those around them and that make them feel like they are wanted.

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