Day 17: Kayla

I couldn't actually find a really old picture, and frankly I'm too lazy to, but I did find this one! This was from 9th grade and I consider that to be pretty old :)
Kayla and I have known each other since we were like 7? We went to daycare together and were friends there. Although, according to my mom I didn't really want to be friends with her, we played together. (Yes, I was a bratty child, I know!) After we both quit daycare--I think we were like 10-- we went our seperate ways and I didn't see her until middle school. We had math together in 7th grade and we said "Hi" to each other but that was the extent of our conversation. Then it was my birthday and I came into math, which was 1st period, and I had a present on my desk from Kayla. Not even my "friends" remembered it was my birthday! It made me feel so good and I wish I could go back and not be a brat to her when we were younger and realize what a good friend I had. We are best friends now! Ever since 8th grade when we actually started talking and got on the same soccer team, we've pretty much been inseperable since! We have the funniest stories to tell and I'm so glad I've been able to take my rollercoaster teen ride with her! I think the funniest memories I have with her all occured at soccer practice. The first one was when we went to soccer practice and we were learning to do headers for the first time and it kept hitting us in the nose. It killled! The next one was when we were conditioning for soccer for WJ and we were in the weight room and I was spotting Kayla while she bench pressed. I'm standing there watching her and all of the sudden the bar is practically laying on her and she yells to me "STOP PUSHING IT ON TOP OF ME!!!" I look at her and start laughing and tell her "I'm not even touching it!" It was hilarious! Much funnier if you were there! Those are just a few of the good times I have had with the Kayla... My favorite memory was when she got baptized! It was seriously one of the best days of my life. It was so spiritual and incredible that I got to see my best friend make the best decision that would change her life. I'm so lucky to have Kayla as a friend and she'll be one of the few friends I do keep after high school.
And here we are today :)

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