Day 18: I'd be...


Obviously at points of your life you wish you could be someone else, but there really is no one else I'd rather be than ME! We all have our fair share of obstacles and luck thrown our way so I've decided to just love my own :)
However, if there was someone I could trade places with for a day it'd be Jennifer Garner!
Jennifer Garner is my favorite actress ever! I love all the movies she's in. She actually seems way down to earth and someone you could actually talk to and she'd pay attention. And who wouldn't not want to be flippin' gorgeous? And what's even better about her... She's married to Ben Affleck! Come on, Pearl Harbor is where it's at!!!! As great as her life seems on the surface, we all know it's not perfect--just like mine. So I'll stick to my life and live vicariously through movies to be someone else.

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