Day 14/15: Drifting. Missing.

Hahaha, I'm pretty sure this is the best picture ever!!! He may hate me for posting it, but I think it's hilarious and really showcases his personality.

Spencer is seriously one of the best friends I've ever had. He is a great guy, hilarious, a total stud, very respectful, and super comfortable to be around. In the past couple of weeks we've drifted away from each other and it really sucks. He's been acting different. It sucks. I miss the old Spencer I became so close to and never felt awkward or uncomfortable with. Maybe it's just life. I put a lot of trust in people and if they do anything to alter that trust it really hurts me and it's hard for them to get it back. Yes, I forgave him but I still have a hard time fully believing him when he says something. Sometimes I feel like he is totally two different people and I don't know which one is the 'real' him. I miss our Pretty Little Liars marathons, our laughing fests, and just being completely and utterly spazzes when we're together. It was great. Maybe this is just a little taste of what it will be like when I leave for college. I'm not totally losing him--but it feels like it--just slowly; little by little. I miss him.

Okay, so I'm thinking I need to hurry up and get to the happy posts again, these ones are quite the mood killer.

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