Day 13: ...The person I wish would forgive me.

Good golly! Today is super tough. I seriously can't think of someone I want to forgive me... Not saying that I'm perfect or anything, because obviously I'm far from that! However, I hate people to be mad at me so I do almost whatever it takes to get those feelings of hatrid away... The only thing I can even think of is just some stupid decisions I have made in the past and my parents still holding them against me. Of course we all make stupid decisions--believe it or not, I'm no exception! I make them everyday. But some decisions I made many years ago, I feel, are still being judged and held against me. I've learned from them and want to move on. I understand though, they are my parents and want what's best for me. To see me make those dumb choices hurts them and by not allowing me to even put myself in that situation is their way of protecting me. I guess it's love. Haha, no, I know it is :) They're the best parents ever! Yeah, this was kind of dumb but nothing comes to mind... So this is what you're stuck with!

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