Day 12: Not hate. Hurt.

I'm pretty sure I could never actually 'hate' this person because I don't hate anybody. But to think you know somebody...

I thought we were best friends.
I thought when you're best friends you don't turn around and lie to them.
Too bad for him, I'm not an idiot.
I thought he would be the last person to ever hurt me.
Well, we see how that went.
I thought you listened to your best friends, not just hear them.
I thought they were the person you turn to when everything else goes bad.
Who do you turn to when it's them?
How do you get the best friend you know, back?

How do get someone to understand and see from your eyes?
I thought your best friend was the one you're completely yourself around.
Apparently you're bipolar and have two completely DIFFERENT personalities.           
I thought you're supposed to want to be with your friends.
Apparently not.
I thought boys would make the best best friends.
Now, I'm re-thinking my decision.
I thought best friends wanted the best for each other.
Apparently having what's best for them is a myth.
I thought you did whatever you could to protect them from getting hurt.
I thought you didn't leave your friend.
I thought you didn't stab your best friend in the back.
I thought your best friend was the one you could trust with your life.

Well, we see what happens when you think...

I don't want to be, but I'm almost ready to be done.
No one deserves this, especially from their "best friend"

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