Day 10: Lexi-Loo

Yes, we all know I'm an idiot and apparently don't know how to count to ten in the correct numerical order... I'm going to do Day 10 today as well or else I will forget. Don't judge!

Disney World!

Though this picture is quite humiliating of myself, it shows how awesome we are!
Lex is seriously one of the coolest people ever! Almost two summers ago we went to Florida and it was the best ever! She was seriously like my sister. We were best friends who never fought. It was so weird because a lot of people thought we looked alike and we were sisters. Haha, especially in Florida! It was great! I'm not exactly sure what happened but we grew apart. I miss her so much! She was always the one I went to about everything! She was the best friend ever! I miss our Thursday temple visits at 6 in the morning. She is such a strong young woman and a wonderful example. It's so weird how when your friends get boyfriends you rarely see them... I think that's just what happened. She has a wonderful boyfriend though! I miss our chats, carpools to Special Needs, our outrageous laughs, and Lex in general. She is still such a great friend and example to me :)

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