Day Four: Bug-a-roo

This would be my cute little sister, Cortnee, or as I call her "Bug". Bug is 15--almost 16-- and she and I are day and night. We are nothing alike but most of the time it keeps us safe from fighting. She is a ball of drama--love her to death but she comes with a lot of package. Bug can be a very caring person when she wants to be and super fun to be around. However, if she's angry or uspet do NOT go around her unless you want your head bitten off. She thinks she has the world and life figured out, I am even far from that, and tries to be as independant as she can be. Sometimes it's quite entertaining. I love it when she puts away "school Cortnee" and I see the cute little girl I used to know( I sound like her mom! And sometimes feel it too) I try and try to tell her not to make the same mistakes I have made but the little independant girl she is, has to learn for her own. I can't wait to see the woman she will become and where she will go in life. I love her to death and I wouldn't trade my sister for the world! (I know, many times I get frustrated and say I would, but I wouldn't) :)

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