Summer time!

I absolutely love summer! It is one of the greatest times of the year but it always seems to go by WAY too quickly. My summer has been crazy busy and I've been gone almost the whole time. I'm actually starting to get a little home sick. It's weird. Don't get me wrong, I've been loving every moment of my summer but I just want to stay home for a little while and see my friends. I've hardly seen them at all this summer!

I actually just got back from a sleepover with my friends Kaitlyn and Whitney. It was a blast! I haven't seen Kaitlyn since graduation and it was wonderful to catch up and laugh our butts off! Kaitlyn's younger brother, Spencer, who is a year younger than Whitney and me joined us and we ended up partying with him until about 4:30 this morning because Kaitlyn went to sleep. I love the Williams' family so much! They are all stinkin' hilarious and so welcoming. The first time I went over there I already felt like I was apart of the family. I'm getting ready right now to leave for Seattle to see my Aunt Marcia! I can't wait! I love her so much and I hardly ever see her. I will be blogging as soon as I can about my EFY experience. To give you a little sneak preview: let's just say it was the best week of my life! I kid you not. More will be coming :) I hope all of you too are enjoying your summer and remembering the important things in life. I love you all!

What I have done this summer:
  1. Went to Girls Camp
  2. Went to Leadership Camp at USU
  3. Went to Angels Camp, CA
  4. EFY
  5. Hung out a small portion with my friends
  6. Madrigal Practices
  7. And shortly I will have Seattle crossed off my list

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