That is the best word to describe me. I am horrible at blogging! I love it so I don't know why I have to kick myself to do it. Goodness, where to start? So many things have happened! Well I will just start from now... School's out! It's such a melancholy feeling. Actually, I'm not sure how to feel. I love not having the stress of homework and what-not but I DESPISE not having the social life I have with school. I don't my friends everyday and it's quite the change and there is an empitness lingering around in my soul. However, this summer is going to be good for. For the first time I had my 'heart broken'-this year. This kid I really liked kind of just played me and I made excuses for a lot of his action hoping he would realize how much he really did like me and I was right for him. Needless to say, no such luck. The hardest part is he said he wasn't sure how he felt about me. He said I was cute, sweet, funny, and he could really open up and just be himself around me and we had a very unique relationship. So we decided we didn't want to ruin our friendship and neither one of us wanted to be tied down with a boyfriend/girlfriend, and friends who liked each other would be a good place to remain. Well he did some things that totally runined just being friends and it turned quite awkward with us. He decided to move on and not make me aware of the situation. I think he thinks I'm an idiot and I don't notice he doesn't act the same and the fact he was with other girls all the time. He tried to play he was the innocent nice guy but I saw through that phony! Haha I probably sound very ignorant and dumb right now but that's how I see it. I began to avoid him and not give him my attention. Oh, I also should say this kid has a pretty large ego which he tries to hide, but I know he does and he know I am well aware of it. The worst thing a girl can to do is build up his ego!

-Choir Tour 2010 @Seaworld, San Diego! From Left to Right: Brian, Me, Brock, Whitney, Sara and Tyler is lounging across us

 So basically, I'm a dumb girl and still wants to be friends because we were really good friends before this and I loved it! We were just our weird selves around each other and we accepted it and would laugh so hard whenever we were with one another. I don't think I can handle being friends just yet. And I won't talk to him unless he comes to me-so we may never become friends again. Now that the dumb story is over... Summer can begin! This summer is hectic!
My summer to do list:
  • Go to Girls Camp
  • Go to Leadership Camp for Student Government (Oh yeah, I'm Senior Secretary!)
  • Go to Efy and meet attractive LDS boys!
  • Go to Angels Camp, California
  • Go to Seattle
  • Go on Trek
  • Read, read, read
  • Sing, Sing, Sing!
  • Go to Madrigal Retreat
  • Hang out with the coolest people in the world
  • Check #2 off of my 'To do before I graduate' list                                         
  • Get tan
  • Find a hunk- not required
  • Finish the Book of Mormon
  • Prepare for next year
  • Shop!
  • Go camping with my friends
  • 'Burn Party'
  • Have a bonfire
  • Send Kaitlyn off to school :(
  • Alas, work

                                                                                                               This is Kaitlyn and I at the Yearbook Stomp

These are just a few of the things I can think of off the top of my nogin but more will be added! Ican't wait for Summer 2010, it's going to be top notch :)

*Attached are just some random photos from the time I fell of the face of blogging world.

Below: Choir Banquet 2010-It was a Masquerade Ball

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