Well since I have not blogged in forever! I have many things to say... First off, I made Madrigals! For those of you that don't know what that is it's the elite choir of our school. Only 29 kids made it and I was one of them! At West Jordan, the choir department is huge! We are a very well know choir and I take huge pride and honor of being apart of it. I am so lucky! So about a month and a half ago a huge group (and I mean huge! It took almost 3 hours to just get through all the solos) of us auditioned for this amazing group, Madrigals. We were all scared out of our minds. We had to sing a solo in front of everybody and then sight read a song and we couldn't stand by anybody that sang the same part as us. While we were sight reading the current Madrigals walked around and got in our faces to listen to us and took notes. Basically, this was the scariest day of my life! So after waiting a month all of us Madrigal 'wanna be's' were becoming very anxious and just wanted to know to made it! Last year the Madrigals kidnapped the new Madrigals during 8th period and put black kidnapping pillowcases over their heads and took them around the school. We were all expecting this and 2 weeks ago Friday the Madrigals, this years, put the pillowcases over eachothers heads and walked around the school to scare us all. Since we didn't know it was a joke they freaked us all out! I'll admit, it was a pretty good joke. So last Friday, April 30, around 6 in the morning I am peacefully sleeping in my bed and hear a whisper saying "Ashlee... wake up..." and open my eyes to see Kaitlyn and Korinne( two of this years Madrigals) hoovered over me! I was so scarred and jumped! Then they start yelling "Quick! You have 3 minutes to get all you need for school and to get ready!" I hurried out of bed and only had time to get dressed, put in my contacts, and brush my teeth! As I walked down the stairs to my front door they put the kidnapping pillowcase over my head and took me to a car. As I got in, I heard my friend Whitney laughing! I was so happy! That meant she made it too! We were instructed to not talk, text, or make any noise. I was still a little afraid because I was still not exactly sure what was going on... They took us to the high school choir room where it was pitch black, and we still had our pillowcase over our heads, and this awful, loud, cult-like music was playing! People were screaming in our faces and we were told to sit down and hold the peoples hands that were next to us. After sitting for like this for about 15 minutes the 'kidnappers' finally took off our pillowcases to reveal all the new Madrigal faces! All of us were so excited! They served us breakfast and we sang the transition song "Remember". Our first Madrigal practice as a new group is on Friday where we will hopefully be getting our partners! This is going to be the highlight of my senior year!
A few, of the many, things I am stoked about for Madrigals:
It's a Senior only class!
A second family!
No life but singing!

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