Lost in the pages.

Lately I have been on one of my book kicks again! I love reading and when I find a good book I can not put it down! Last week my mom bought The Last Song by: Nicholas Sparks,for me and I read it in 2 days! If I didn't have homework and work I would have finished in 1. Sleep was something I did not care for even one bit. I just wanted to be in another world. A reading world. That is why I love reading; it's an escape from everyday life and you get to go on these amazing adventures that you probably wouldn't be able to in reality. Romances. That is what I am a sucker for. You see, when you are 17 and have no love life what-so-ever (which I am okay with) you have to live it through other people lives-novels. I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I get with books! It's pathetic. I have a difficulty setting reality and pretend apart. Back to The Last Song, I would recommend this to anyone who loves romances! But, if you have not read the book and intend to see the movie I advise you to NOT read it before seeing the movie. That is where I went wrong. I was determined to finish the book before I saw the movie. Actually, I told my friend who I was planning on seeing it with that if I didn't finish the book by Wednesday, when the movie came out, I would not go see it. Well I did finish it and saw it on opening day. There are FAR too many differences in the movie and I felt they kind of ruined the book with it. Had I not read the book before I saw the movie I think I would have enjoyed the movie. Everyone that I talked to that had seen it but not read the book loved the movie. So that's just my little advice for today. Just a few reasons why I loved The Last Song:
  • Ronnie has a story. A relateable life.
  • Will is a HUNK!
  • It is not dirty!!!!!
  • Will has an amazing sense of humor.
  • He loves Ronnie for herself and sees beyond the surface.
  • Ronnies father, Steve, loves his children so much.
  • They have a 'normal' family.
  • Nicholas Sparks does an amazing job of painting a picture in the readers mind.
  • It has a passion for music hidden throughout the pages.
  • There is a 'twist' you could say.
  • Will could be a real life person.
  • Will is dreamy
     Do you see a patern? :)
  • There are many conflicts but they don't get resolved all at once.
  • Again, it's realistic
  • It's a romance! You can't go wrong there!
I don't want to go on a huge spiel and get ahead of myself and ruin it for those who have not read it. Hopefully you caught on though, it's an amazing book and you should read it! If you have any books that you love or think I would enjoy, PLEASE tell me! I need more books!

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